cloudstorageGTA Business Systems specializes in data recover and data backup. Prevention is everything when it comes to data. So, we help you back up all of your data. But in the event that your data wasn’t backed up, we can help you recover your data. More interestingly, if your computers and or servers are destroyed in a natural disaster, it is likely that we can still recover that data.

Our credentials speak for themselves:

  • Certified Data Recovery Specialist for over 5 years.
  • Authorized Gillware Reseller
  • CISCO Certified (CISCO is the world leader in networking)
  • HP Authorized
  • Intel Certification
  • Microsoft Certification

Data Backup is so important because you always have a copy of everything. It’s important that your business has their data backed up and that they back it up often.

If you experience a hard drive failure, we can help you recover your data. Step one is to determine through our professional analysis why your data is not accessible. It is critical at this point that care is taken to avoid further damage to your hard drive. Our track record for completing a data recovery job in-house is good.

When the cause of the drive failure involves internal problems, we refer the case to Gillware Inc., the best data recovery lab we’ve found. Gillware engineers will examine your drive, using a clean room if necessary, and will quote you a price to recover your data. Once their recovery process is complete, Gillware shows you a list of recovered files; you pay only if you are happy with what’s been recovered.

Data backup and data recovery are delicate and detailed tasks. Data losses can be heartbreaking, and we’re here to give you the best path to recovery. So, trust the company with the most care and experience. GTA Business Systems has been in the industry for over 25 years! We have the knowledge and experience to take care of your computer.

We offer Online Data Backup Services


Protect your digital life with automatic online backup from GTA Business Systems!

  • Simple, automatic and secure
  • Protect thousands of photos and documents

Simply, click the “Download File” button below and you’ll be guided through the steps. (Microsoft only)

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